A city woven anew

23 April 2018

The city of Łódź is undergoing rapid redevelopment similar to that which it saw in the second half of the nineteenth century.

The formerly industrial area in the centre of the city is being transformed into prime office and retail space. This is happening due to the billions of złoty being invested by both the local authorities and by private investors. “We meet in an unusual building, EC1. It is unusual because it shows in essence what Łódź was in the past and what it intends to be in the future. In the 1860s the city went through an extraordinary period. It was then that a new part of Łódź arose around the area of the EC1 building and a new future for our city began. Over the period the town grew from 5,000 inhabitants and Łódź changed into a metropolis of almost half a million people in around fifty years,” said Krzysztof Piątkowski, a deputy mayor of Łódź during the Rediscover Łódź session of the 9th Hotel and Office Investment Conference, which was jointly organised by Eurobuild Conferences and the city of Łódź. “Łódź is also growing rapidly now. This started with several important projects, including the construction of a new railway station. There is a lot going on in the city centre and there are a lot of construction sites in the immediate vicinity. New Łódź – a well thought out city, ‘woven’ from scratch, will be developed around this area. We want to build a city that is a good place to live in for both its current inhabitants and for those who would like to settle hfere in the future. We want the residents of Łódź to plan their future and their development in this city as well as to be able to get qualifications of a high standard here. All the economic figures show that Łódź has been developing very quickly, which is largely due to the involvement of those who have decided to invest here. This would not have been possible without their participation, their ideas or their investment,” added Krzysztof Piątkowski.

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